Sunday, February 01, 2015
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Behceram Company

began its product activity on a tract of land measuring 200000 sqm and about 30000sqm covered area in kashan town in2000.Modern plants and equipments are the factors for producing the products with high quality .Granite ceramics of this company are produced in sizes of 30x30, 40x40, 50x50, 30x60, 40x60, 60x60, 60x90cm, in different designs, in polished and unpolished kinds. the capacity of this factory is 2/7million sqm. Raising the amount of request for these products and holding standard certificate affected on personnel's motivation for producing the products with high quality. We hope to progress qualitatively and quantitatively day by day.

History of Behceram Compa
Behceram Co, has grown considerably in recent years and is now consid¬ered by sellers, distributors and importers as one of the major successful manufacturers of tile and ceramic industry.Continuous, substantial investment and background of knowledge and experiences have allowed behceram to develop and produce ceramic materials with considerable standards. Cultural and historical roots,using up to date technology and also our ancestors'skill in this field are the factors which cause variety in design, color and size of our production. it helps the clients to choose the products easily and certainly.Ceramic designing of this company is suitable for creating attractive place with artistic strength of natural stone.All efforts of the experts and managers in this company are obtaining the clients'satisfaction and conquering markets.You can guide us by your suggestion and ideas, this can lead us to our ultimate goal.
Manager’s Address
The world of tile and ceramic industry is extremely changing and being updated in accordance with universal revolutions is very difficult. Consum¬ers' tastes of tile and ceramic, nowadays, are improving and quality in pro¬duction is not considered as a taste but as a duty. as the word goes to be unified and people gather together through bridging the gasps among nations, we believe in producing the goods according to the international standards. living in a unified world, we should try to keep the nature as a trust for the next generations. We think constantly about producing top-qual¬ity products that if God will, we will be frequently in progress path.
Production Technology
Variable products with high quality are the result of new technology that Behceram Gres Ceram uses it duing the process of production. Advanced plants such as: equipped mixers, modern presses, drying plants and polishing plants and also quality controllers during production process, create the possibility for producing the products with high standard in a short time. Advanced and exact technology with experts experienced and skill and also suitable raw material are the factors cause this product to be promoted in the worldwide market.